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India is a big country with a long, convoluted history, and its architectural heritage reflects this diverse past. Following independence and decolonization in the middle of the 20th century, modernist architecture was embraced by the country’s leaders and architects as a symbolic break from the past. In 1947, when there were almost 330 million people …

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Overseas study involves a lot of paperwork and formalities, which aren’t easy to manage.

Students who wish to study abroad or discover new opportunities and ways to their bright future dream of foreign education or overseas education. Due to certain complications, most students get stuck applying for study visas through study abroad consultants in ahmedabad. In the digital age, students believe they can find …

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The Optimistic Marketing Strategy Attracting More Customers

In these unusual times, many people cannot hold on to relax and spend little time outside their homes. There is a lot of doubt about (safe) travel, and flight limitation still applies until at least the start of autumn. That is because a fully arranged hotel getaway in an individual home country is an alluring …

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