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3D Animation: It Builds A Difference From 2D Animation

3D animation is crafted to mimic the principles of the 3D world. The 3d animation singapore appears to move, turn, and rotate; it moves like a real-world object that allows for a 360-degree view of all sides.

Traditional usage of 3D animation

3D animation was originally used mainly in:

  • video games
  • television
  • filmmaking

Pixar’s “Toy Story” is an earlier example of the 3D animation work.

3D animation is described as

3D animation is creating moving 3-dimensional images in a digital context. The visuals are made using 3D software that allows the animators to make computerized objects that look 3D, even though they are on a 2D surface. Using visual effects and precise timing, the animators make anything, from a video game character to a car.

Usages of 3D animation today

3D animation first got its start in the popular worlds of:

  • gaming
  • TV shows
  • movies

But, it has become widely used beyond these three popular worlds. From corporate ad campaigns to architectural modeling, including medical research; 3D animations are widely used in many industries and for diverse purposes.

The common uses of 3D animation today are:

  • Movies and television. 3D animation is used for movies and TV character animation. The technique makes characters seem more lifelike, improving the emotional connection viewers show with them. The 3D animated character is more engaging and vivid. Indeed, it is the reason why 3D animation has become very useful for kids’ entertainment.

Indeed, the “Frozen” movies are an ideal example. The elements of the story, when Elsa transforms objects into ice, become more enchanting in 3D. Also, some scenes like the character singing, dancing, and twirls had gained impact in the 3D image, including the facial expressions that gained poignance.

  • Gaming. 3D animation gives a more lifelike feeling to video games that intensifies the action of the player. When battling a race or an enemy through an obstacle, having the 3D sensation makes a far more thrilling adventure. 3D animation can be used with:
  • Augmented reality special effects and virtual reality
  • Gives the player the sense of being inside the world in reality
  • Company presentations. Gone are the days of boring presentations using PowerPoints. Presentation using 3D animated features helps draw the audience in and can command the attention of the presentation. A tutorial can be followed featuring imagery of the drone in flight that gives an idea of how interesting a 3D presentation will be.

Today, 3D animation is used in different digital environments; from marketing materials to medical imaging. 3D animation serves a lot of purposes.


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