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A comparison of stained concrete floors in Kelowna and other options

The carpet 

New carpet installation, as well as the adhesives and padding that go along with it, emits hazardous chemical emissions, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The result is many people’s irritation in the eyes, throat, and nose, headache, skin irritation, coughing, shortness of breath, and fatigue. In addition, carpet can serve as a “holding tank” for pesticides, fungi, and dust mites, according to the EPA. It’s easy for carpet to grow mold. Do you want to surround yourself and your family with this flooring when there are more healthy options? Don’t waste any more time on the carpet. For more information about stained concrete flooring, call kelowna concrete today. 

Solid wood floors 

Solid wood floors offer better indoor air quality than engineered wood or carpet, but they also have some drawbacks when it comes to other factors. Wood flooring materials damage trees and forests and cost more than engineered wood, carpet, or stained concrete. Furthermore, engineered wood or stained concrete is more durable than it. Keeping wood floors in good condition requires periodic sanding and finishing. This requires routine maintenance. Also, wood floor finishes usually emit large amounts of VOCs into the atmosphere. The kelowna concrete coatings and sealants are also potential sources of formaldehyde. 

kelowna concrete

Hardwood Engineered Floors 

Is engineered hardwood flooring not healthier than carpet? There are many healthier flooring options than carpet. In addition to being moisture-resistant and able to withstand more wear and tear than solid hardwood, homeowners often choose engineered hardwood floors. In addition to being compressed and glued together, several layers of real wood are added. Sadly, formaldehyde is widely used in the manufacturing of adhesives used in engineered wood flooring products formaldehyde is also found in carpets. Engineered wood flooring materials and pressed wood products are the primary sources of formaldehyde in residential construction.


Since formaldehyde can adversely affect interior air quality for many years after the product has been installed, materials containing high levels of formaldehyde are becoming increasingly concerning. In animals and humans, exposure may cause watery eyes, nausea, fatigue, burning throat, difficulty breathing, asthma attacks, and even cancer. The gases continue to leach into your indoor environment for many years.


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