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Does The US President Have Business Cards?

The question of who is the most powerful man in the world can be somewhat complicated to answer if you don’t want to ignore any facts to simplify things down to an excessive degree. Some might say that Elon Musk is the most powerful man in the world due to him having the highest net worth as of right now, but you should know that most of his wealth is based on speculation regarding Tesla’s status as the biggest electric vehicle provider and there are a lot of competitors that are casting doubts on this assertion.

A much more reasonable assumption about the individual that can be dubbed the most powerful is the US president. This is because of the fact that the president of the US is the leader of a twenty trillion dollars economy, and there is a pretty good chance that the decisions he makes have an impact on dozens of other countries regardless of how hard they try to decouple. This begs the question, does the US president use Metal Kards like all other major executive leaders?

Metal Kards

The truth of the situation is that any president that uses business cards is likely using them in a personal capacity. The office of the president itself does not use business cards, because the title alone is enough to command prestige and attention! Donald Trump used business cards, but they were for his own businesses and had absolutely nothing to do with the office that he had lucked his way into and was unable to hold onto for a second term. Joe Biden does not use business cards because his main job is being the US President!


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