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Home staging: Inhabited houses and uninhabited houses

We have to differentiate a Home Staging project on the basis of a very important element that absolutely makes the difference.

Inhabited houses are part of more complex projects, because the owner must understand the small defects of his house and without in any way distorting anything, go to optimize and improve the situation. They are not concerned with renovating the interiors, but with enhancing them.

In this way, the most difficult part is to allow the potential buyer, during the first visit, to focus on the actual beauty of the house, on its spaces, imagining himself already inside, without distracting him from the owner’s “experience”. The idea is to recreate the emotion of feeling at home for the potential buyer as well

The Home Staging of an uninhabited house has more freedom of creative expression, it is a real estate image consultancy intervention. A temporary set-up is made, only for the time of sale, with furnishings, fabrics and attention to detail.

Entering an empty house often makes it difficult for people to understand the spaces, to clearly define what a life lived in that property could be like. The Home Staging activity, in these cases, is absolutely recommended and makes the difference in terms of sales times and perceived value.

Home staging before and after

Looking at the before and after of Home Staging jobs, it is immediately clear what effect we intend to give with an activity of this type. But how does the home staging process take place and what kind of activities can be done?

There is Virtual and Physical Home Staging. But what changes?

Virtual Home Staging: a 3D restyling of the apartment is created, with furniture, objects and optimized spaces.

Physical Home Staging: initially involves a  depersonalization, in which the rooms of the house are ordered, eliminating personal items to attract the potential buyer and allow him to imagine himself inside the property in his future life; and then an  installation, where  a real scenography is built in which everything is designed to maximize the value of the apartment.

After that, an emotional photo and video service is carried out for the creation of an effective real estate announcement and to differentiate it from the current proposals on the real estate market.


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