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How To Know You Get A Professional Company Secretary?

By Posted on 2 m read

Having a smooth company operation is everyone’s goal as a business owner. You want everything in order and organized. From company meetings to company compliance, these should be managed well. The only secret is to get a professional company secretary singapore that handles these concerns.

Services of a company secretary

It is a part of the company’s need to get a company secretary to offer business services:

  • managing meetings
  • ensuring legal compliance
  • facilitating financial transactions
  • providing legal assistance
  • managing risk

Qualities of a company secretary

You can hire a good company secretary when it has qualities:

  • detail-oriented
  • all-rounder or multitasker
  • expert communicator
  • analytical
  • a planner

Get a good company secretary

You can tell that you have hired a good company secretary when:

  1. Organized and strategic to plot the work
  2. Keep copies to reference later
  3. Ensures a collaborative approach to multiple duties
  4. Committed to careful record-keeping
  5. Respect the confidentiality of documents
  6. Handles planning process of board meetings
  7. Understand the inner workings of the organization

Improved and organized meetings

Company secretaries are responsible for formulating an agenda for board meetings. It can contribute a significant say in every meeting. They drive the adoption of tools like meeting management platforms to improve the efficiency of the meeting process.

Scope of services offered by a company secretary

Company secretaries offer a range of services mentioned above. A company secretary provider services to ensure a company:

  • follows the rules
  • acts ethically
  • grows responsibly

The services handled by the company secretary:

Corporate governance and compliance

The company secretaries carefully organized meetings, including:

  • board meetings
  • management committee gatherings
  • AGMs

The company secretary ensures all meetings follow legal procedures. The company secretary in a board meeting works to lead the discussions and maintain records of decisions.

Project planning and implementation

  • Business setup support. Company secretary experts assist businesses on the whole setup journey. It handles tasks, such as drafting important documents. Guidance on choosing the right business structure is offered by the company secretary.
  • Feasibility assessment. The company secretary conducts a feasibility study before diving into a new project. The studies check the potential success of the project. It analyzes the financial and legal aspects.
  • Facilitates loans. Financial professionals play an essential role in linking borrowers with lenders. It facilitates loan negotiations and manages documentation to ensure things are documented well.

Financial services

  • Share listing and issuance. Company secretaries worked as essential figures in promoting the following:
  • Share issuance
  • securing listings on stock exchanges
  • overseeing buy-back processes

Compliance with regulatory standards is ensured by the company secretary.

  • Financial reporting. Experts in the company secretarial affairs prepare for:
  • annual reports
  • financial statements
  • disclosures

The main goal is to provide transparency to remember the financial status. Cooperating with the auditors and stakeholders works on the auditing process.

  • Capital structure. The company secretary provides strategic guidance to determine the optimal capital structure for any business.

Advising the right debt ratio to equity financing is handled by the company secretary. The financial stability is maintained by blending debt funding sources and equity.


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