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Reasons why you should sell your house now

Katy is a city in the Houston metropolitan area. It is located within the boundaries of Waller County and is part of the Greater Katy Area. Check for more information if you want to buy a house there.

Check out these reasons why you should sell your house now!

1) Katy is one of the fastest-growing cities in America, with a population that has grown by an estimated 85% over the past decade!

2) What this means for you: Your property value will continue to increase even as homes decrease in value across America.

3) You can find a buyer who will want the house within 1-6 months! Most buyers are looking for homes within a 1-hour radius of Katy.

4) You’ll likely get a price more than 10% higher than your house is worth today! That’s assuming it’s not in foreclosure and needs some repairs!

5) Other pros of selling too: You get to experience the reward of watching your property increase in value. That can give you a good feeling about life and motivate future endeavours.

6) You could see a lot of tax benefits! That includes tax-free cash and capital gains because it’s time to sell.

7) You can also move back home and awesomely simplify life! Just imagine living in your hometown with all of the big city’s perks but without all the hassle.

8) But wait – there’s more! You are selling more than just a house, like your furniture, electronics, and food too! You’ll get great referrals if you ask for neighbour recommendations for movers or cleaners. 8) You’ll have a lot more leverage in negotiating since you have something of value to sell!

9) You don’t need any real estate experience; there are no broker commissions to pay! And no real estate agent fees either.

10) Financing fees can be huge, especially if you don’t qualify for a mortgage. Sell your house first and get more cash upfront while you save your money for the down payment on your dream home.

11) If you’re already paying rent, it will be time to move out anyway! If your property’s value increases over time, why continue renting? It can save you money by offering cash upfront.


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