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Recognized By the Local Planning and Building Control Authority

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Establishing the existence or presence of possible risks connected to past usage of the property and its surroundings is the goal of a phase 1 desk study. Following conformity with government recommendations, such as CLR11, this study’s data is applied to create a generative probabilistic design (CSM). This preparatory risk evaluation, or PRA, as well as the CSM, is the mainĀ phase 1 contaminated land assessment of the project desk research report. The techniques make sure that important questions are addressed at around this early point. This avoids the needless expense that may arise from carrying out intrusive ground research without the need for a valid purpose.

Customers typically ask for the phase 1 desk research report when they want to conduct any of the people who follow

Do have the development request approved by the municipal authorities

Remove a building restriction that was a part of an earlier authorization.

phase 1 contaminated land report

Observe NHBC or town council architectural control (LABC) regulations

The property should be insured, purchased, or funded.

Having a Firm Grasp of Construction Techniques is Crucial.

When conducting a pollution prevention risk evaluation, a thorough grasp of building techniques is equally crucial yet frequently disregarded. Our practical expertise and grounded recommendations that are appropriate to the development cycle are based on real-world knowledge. These phase 1 reports are prepared by experts, customized to meet your needs, and ensured to be approved by planning permission commissions, building contractors, financiers, or any additional stakeholder as the situation may dictate. Throughout any phase 1 desktop investigation, identifying any potentially significant dangers to humans or the surrounding world should be the initial focus.


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