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The battery is the heart and soul of every vehicle.

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To avoid being left stranded with a dead battery on your car, you need to know your vehicle’s electrical system and battery. It’s your vehicle’s heart and soul. The more you understand your vehicle’s car battery and electrical system, the less likely you will get stuck. We are here to assist you with knowing just what your vehicle’s battery and electrical system are doing. With every visit to Firestone Complete Auto Care, we offer a free battery check-up.

A battery usually lasts three to five years, but driving habits and exposure to extreme elements can shorten the car battery life. Using this diagnostic tool, we estimate your battery’s failure temperature and give you an idea of how long it has left. We can determine if your battery is in good working order in one quick test. Weak ankles tend to cause us to overcompensate by putting more weight–and stress–on our healthy ankles.

The starter motor, the charging system, and the starter solenoid are all susceptible to damage. A malfunctioning part may result from the excessive voltage it draws to compensate for battery power being absent. If you don’t deal with this issue, you could end up replacing expensive electrical components unexpectedly. You won’t have to worry about leaving your car’s power to change since our Electrical System Check will ensure all the necessary parts deliver the proper voltage.

Tire Repair Services:

We will identify any weak parts that need an immediate replacement immediately. There is typically a translucent part of the casing on car batteries, so you can always keep tabs on their fluid level. If the red and black caps aren’t sealed, you can remove them to check. Your battery can last longer than three years, but at a minimum, you should have its current condition checked yearly at that point.

The battery’s life cycle can range from three to five years. Driving habits, weather, and frequent short trips can significantly shorten the life of your car battery. Batteries are the life and soul of every vehicle. Your car battery starts up the engine or powers the electrical features of the vehicle. Because modern cars have added features to make driving a luxury experience, automotive batteries need to be powerful to keep them running smoothly.


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