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What are Some Common Motivated Seller Pain Points?

A motivated seller means someone who wants to sell their property quickly at a discounted price. There may be several reasons behind selling it for a low price like divorce, relocation due to job, financial hardship, divorce, and many other factors. If you are a real estate investor or agent, it is very important to understand some common pain points of motivated sellers. So that they can provide effective solutions according to their requirements. You can go through this website to know about these things

List of Pain Points

Following are some common motivated seller pain points that can help you in finding the solutions:

  1. Financial Difficulties

Many people face financial issues due to which some of them need to sell their houses. Some reasons behind the rise of financial difficulties like losing a job, severe illness, or mounting debt. Motivated sellers, sellers are eager to sell their property at a reasonable price. They want to prioritize selling their house to release the burden of financial issues.

  1. Inherited Property

If you have inherited property and have no emotional attachment to the property, you can sell it quickly through any medium. They want to sell their property quickly because of several reasons like the cost of repairing the old house, taxes on the property, paying off all the debts, or liquidating the property.

  1. Issues with Rental Properties

Some owners give their properties for rent but later they realize that the tenant is not maintaining the property. It becomes an extra burden on the landlord to manage tenants and his property. Situations like the tenant refusing to pay the rent, hampering your property, or violating the lease agreement can lead the owners to sell their property. After selling it, they will get a good amount of money and even release the extra burden of the tenant or rental property.


Above are the main reasons behind becoming a motivated seller of their own house. It is important to understand all the pain points because it helps you to sell your properties with the proper valuation and relieving from some unnecessary burdens like foreclosure issues, divorce issues, and many other factors.


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