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What Types of Services Do Interior Designers Provide For Residential Projects?

Taking on a home renovation or redesign project can be daunting, but interior designers have the skills to handle everything from concept to completion. Here are some of the key services interior design experts like those offering interior design in Chicago provide for residential spaces:

Initial Consultation

It starts with an in-depth meeting where the designer learns about your style preferences, how you use your home, problem areas to address, and overall vision for the space. The designer provides feedback on how to accomplish your goals through design and layout updates.

Space Planning

Interior designers are experts at space planning – determining the most functional layout and flow for furnishings, equipment and fixtures. For kitchen and bath remodels especially, they maximize work triangles and traffic patterns.

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Lighting Design

Proper lighting transforms the aesthetics and usability of a home. Designers recommend the optimal lighting fixtures, switches, dimmers, and bulbs for ambient, task, accent, and outdoor lighting tailored to your space.

Color Schemes

Designers have an innate talent for selecting colors that complement your existing palette. They know which hues will create harmony or drama, and provide guidance on paint, fabrics, furnishings and accents to achieve the look you love.

Furniture Selection

Filling a home with properly sized, comfortable furnishings that work for your lifestyle is tricky. Designers source beds, sofas, tables, storage and chairs in styles and materials that hold up and complete the décor.

Window Treatments

Interior designers specialize in selecting draperies, shades, shutters and other window coverings that align with your aesthetic. They handle all measuring, ordering, installation and dressing of windows to elevate form and function.

Project Management

From electricians to plumbers to painters, designers coordinate all required contractors and serve as the point person through demolition, construction and finishing. Their vendor relationships facilitate efficiency.

Budget Oversight

Interior designers have the invaluable ability to complete projects on budget through competitive vendor bidding, cost saving product selections, discounts, and value engineering. Their budget skills prevent costly mid-project changes.

Final Styling

At the end, designers add those thoughtful styling touches like art arrangements, greenery, pillows, and accessories that take the space from nice to spectacular. Their finishing accents reflect and enhance your personality.

Working with interior design experts like those providing services in Chicago allows you to tap into all their technical skills, connections and taste level for a residential project executed with ease and excellence.


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