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Concerns regarding my lawn care company’s insurance coverage

By Posted on 1 m read

When it comes to insurance, lawn care services are similar to other small enterprises. Consider your normal one-man business for things like painting, handy labour, and, in your case, lawn care. The dangers are comparable, as are the concerns. Here are some considerations to bear in mind when it comes to lawn care insurance coverage:

  • Job description: These include parameters such as the number of lawns you maintain and the size of each task.

lawn care insurance

  • Risks in play: Are you working with hazardous materials? Do you have staffs who work with hazardous equipment? How well do your personnel know how to use the equipment? Is there a risk of falling? When it comes to insurance coverage and potential dangers, height is often one of the most determining variables.
  • Liabilities that might arise: This refers to who could sue you if something goes wrong. If you are a one-man operation caring after a small number of lawns on the side, your potential responsibilities are minimal. However, if you operate on a larger scale and employ people, your obligation is much greater.

All of these elements indicate dangers that you should consider when purchasing insurance. Before purchasing any insurance read the instructions fully it can even be the lawn care insurance for your lawn.These considerations will also influence the overall cost of your lawn care company insurance, if you decide to get it. An independent insurance agent can assist you if you want to speak numbers.


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