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Think Solar, Think Pima Solar

Pima Solar is among the top solar developers and integrators in Arizona. They are a local company operating out of Southern Arizona. Having shared relationships with local electricians, technicians, and licensed and highly skilled solar designers, they offer different options as per your needs and help you develop the perfect system for your home.

Experienced professionals, an In-house design & Installation team, and a dedicated service team make Pima Solar stand out among the others. Make sure to visit them at:

What are the benefits of going Solar?

Going solar can help you in various ways. Solar projects are an environment-friendly and cheap source of energy which is very worthwhile given the increasing tariff rate and electricity consumption. Solar installations are typically covered by warranty for 25 years, and as the projects have a break-even period of 2-5 years, it ensures free electricity for two decades or more. Solar power is also one of the safest sources of power generation with mature, zero emissions, non-polluting (air, land, noise), and non-hazardous technology.

Further, with the tax breaks offered currently in the state of Arizona by the government, it effectively helps offset the investments and start seeing returns faster. However, these incentives won’t last forever and are designed to encourage faster adoption of solar.

Electricity has made its way into the automobile industry and revolutionized the way we travel. With major car manufacturers pledging to eliminate vehicles running on oil, your electricity costs are bound to surge. Investing in solar is essentially future-proofing from the rising energy costs.

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How much can you save?

The simple answer to this question is, it depends. For example, a U.S. household requires 10,632 kWh on overage annually. Now, multiply that by the average electricity rate in the U.S. (as of October 2022), i.e., $0.16 per kWh and we find that an average American household spends over $1,700 on electricity alone per year. And the electricity rates are only expected to increase in the years to come.

Even taking into account the upfront costs involve in the solar installation, in the long run, the consumers are going to save up a lot and contribute to improving the environment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Pima Solar can help you understand more about solar installation. If you are considering solar installation for your home or business, here is a link to help you get started


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