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A Brief Discussion on Ocean Sea Moss Harvesting

Sea moss is one of the health-oriented edible plants and gaining much attention in recent times with the help of social media. Sea moss is a spiny plant can found in the sea and belongs to the algae family. It is also called Irish moss. Mostly the plant will be hardest in the rocky costs. The plant can be found in various colors such as red, green, purple, brown, yellow, and even black.  Though it is naturally available once it entered the commercial market then needs to harvest a lot to satisfy the people who demand that.

The sea moss can be grown and also wildcrafted. The collection of sea moss from the natural wild is called wildcrafting. In this growth of the sea, moss can be controlled open atmosphere. The wildcrafted sea moss has denser nutrient content. The growth of sea moss will be easy and can be done a large quantities. The demand is rising day by day and this sea moss is becoming more familiar among the people.

Sea moss can be produced in two major ways commercially and the name is wildcrafting and framed.

Sea Moss Australia

Wildcrafting: Already we have seen this briefly. Anyway, from the production point of view let us see some of the facts. Wildcrafting is the process of harvesting from the ocean the naturally grown.

Framed: This is the process that resembles the natural way of harvesting sea moss which can be done in two ways. 1. Ocean framed 2. Pool framed.

Ocean Framed: The setup will be made in the ocean to produce the sea moss without any kind of disturbance and once started they will not disturb this whereas once a month they will harvest the sea moss.

Pool Framed: The sea conditions will be replicated in a pool for the production of sea moss.

This sea moss will be available commercially and many companies started to sell this as the core product and also a value-added product. If we search on the internet for the best product of sea moss then sea moss harvest will be at the top and this Sea Moss Australia product is more familiar in the region of Australia and New Zealand.


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