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Get Ideas from Shakura Review on Sunspot Removal

By Posted on 2 m read

Sunspots, are the white and red spots on the portions of the skin which has been heavily exposed to ultra violet rays of the sun and which are at times quite painful too if touched. These sunspots may occur in different shapes and size and if not looked after may soon take permanent forms. Getting rid of sunspots is however every sufferer`s desire and every method is applied and adopted in order to quickly remove the sun spots. They most commonly occur on hands, lips, foreheads etc.

Here are some tips for removal of sunspots

  1. Lemon Juice- the enzyme which a lemon contains which is citric acid is proved to be very beneficial for the removal of sunspots. Lemon juice is useful in lightening the dark portions of the skin. For removing sunspots and sunburns it is recommended to rub the raw lemon on the affected area or you can also squeeze the juice before and then apply the liquid. It may also may be noted that raw application of lime juice may also lead to irritation of sensitive skin, thus for those people who have sensitive skin, they may mix some honey or water with lemon juice and then apply on skin. Lime contains liquids which repairs old worn out cells and leads to reformation and regeneration of new cells.
  2. Tea bag- dip a green tea bag in some hot water and later squeeze the liquid on a cotton ball. Apply that cotton ball on affected areas and do it for 3-4 times a day. This may be helpful in getting rid of sunspots.
  3. Buttermilk- Pure Milk and buttermilk contain lactic acids which are very effective in curing skin problems. They lead to regeneration of new cells and the application of buttermilk leads to removal of sunspots and lightening of the skin.

Professional Treatment

  1. Chemical peeling- This process is most commonly done is spas and by skin experts in their clinic where some chemicals are applied on to the affected areas of the skin and later that portion is wiped off. The infected portion peels out but leaves behind redness which remains for few days and later vanishes.
  2. Cryotherapy- It is a therapy in which nitrogen in liquid form is applied on the affected or damaged portions of the skin. Later after few days, the spots go off and the region gets cleared.

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