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Hair Transplant Treatment: Bald Hair No More

By Posted on 2 m read

More people are having common hair conditions like balding and hair fall. These are common hair problems that they usually face daily. It makes them lack self-confidence, and some have been looking for hair treatments to make their hair grow. Although they found a solution, they still didn’t get the best treatment they could call permanent.

Thanks to the hair transplant clinic singapore, they introduced a hair surgical transplant called FUE.

What does FUE hair transplant mean?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a method of obtaining hair follicles from the natural groups of one to four hairs, these are used for hair transplantation or strip harvesting.

Is it permanent?

FUE hair transplant is permanent. The transplanted hair is natural and it comes from any part of your head where the hair is still thick. After the hair transplant surgery, you should rest for 5 to 7 days before doing the usual activities you enjoy. If you ask if the transplanted hair can be washed, dyed, and cut, the answer is yes.

Best balding treatment

Men go bald because of a hereditary condition called androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. 95% of hair loss in men had experienced androgenetic alopecia. It is an inherited trait that gives men a receding hairline and a thinning crown caused by a genetic sensitivity to the byproduct of testosterone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone). How precisely is the hormonal byproduct due to hair loss?

Hair follicles sensitive to dihydrotestosterone might shrink over time. When the affected hair follicles become smaller, the lifespan of the hair becomes shorter. Yet, the affected follicles had stopped producing hair or the type of hair you are used to. Male pattern baldness is a hair loss that follows a predictable pattern.

The most effective and permanent restoration of hair on the bald patch is the FUE hair transplant. FUE hair transplant is ideal to treat hair pattern baldness, which is the most common type of hair loss. A hair transplant helps regain what looks like a full head of hair. A hair transplant is a surgery that moves the hair to fill thinning or no hair area.

Since there is no cure for the balding area of the head, this hair transplant is the best treatment to revive the natural thick look of the hair. Most men who face balding problems can find a FUE hair transplant as the best solution. The hair transplant treatment is not temporary, but permanent and works like natural hair.


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