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What Are The Instructions For Re-Roof A House?

Due to their ability to adjust their work schedules based on the weather, roofing contractors can repair a home’s roof almost any time of the year. It means mending your leaky roof from late spring to mid- or late summer and even into the fall in most places. Before beginning to patch your leaky roof, check the immediate weather forecast.

Find the roof leak

Work your way up from the lowest spot of the roof leak, such as a stain on the ceiling. Access the attic with a ladder and a flashlight, then use your vision to follow a vertical line up to the roof. The spot where the leak occurred on the underside of the roof deck could be stained black or white, or it could have mould or mildew. You can check and verify this link for a better experience.

Inspect the roof vents

If the roof vents are the source of the leak, climb back up to the roof’s peak to inspect the vent holes. Perhaps the housings or boots developed cracks. The vent holes themselves could have moved. Check for nails fastening the vent holes to the roof that are missing or loose.

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Change the Roof Vent

Put a thick bead of external sealant or roofing cement on the flashing’s bottom. As you slide in the vent, have the assistant gently roll back and separate the shingles. To avoid leaks, the lower portion of the vent flashing should pass over the shingles. For a better experience, you can check and verify this link

Take away the Roof Deck

Pull the roof deck’s cut-out section’s nails out using the pry bar. Pry off the damaged plywood next, but don’t get rid of it just yet.

Fix the Roof Deck Repair

Set the roof deck patch in position on the roof and fasten it to the rafters with 8d common nails.

Underlayment or Lay Paper

Use roofing nails to secure the roofing paper or underlayment, working your way up from the bottom. Each row should be at least four inches apart.

Finish the shingle job

Work your way up to the top row of shingles. By slipping the new shingles beneath the top row, you can mesh them with the old shingles.


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