Blueberry Haze

A hybrid cross of Blueberry and Haze, this strain provides a sweet flavor and pleasant, euphoric high.  Pace yourself with this one—overdoing it can send you to dreamland.


Euphoric 59%
Happy 56%
Uplifted 47%
Relaxed 36%
Energetic 29%
Stress 28%
Anxiety 27%
Depression 20%
Pain 20%
Insomnia 15%
Dry mouth 35%
Dry eyes 19%
Paranoid 11%
Dizzy 8%
Anxious 5%
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Blueberry Haze

Blueberry and Haze are two strains that have gained renown for their potency and unusual flavor profiles. No surprise, then, that this cross between the two is a popular hybrid in its own right.  Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has consistently found the strain to have between 14% and 23% THC, averaging out at about 16%.

When properly trimmed, Blueberry Haze’s flowers are small to medium in size, with a clustered, popcorn-like appearance. The buds have the dense structure typically associated with indicas, with the small leaves curled tightly inward toward their central stems. The leaves themselves are a mossy green, twisted through with hairy orange pistils. An even coating of translucent white trichomes covers the flowers, giving them a silvery cast and a very sticky texture.

When properly cured, these flowers give off the overwhelming aroma of blueberries, sweet and slightly tart. Lurking underneath is the spicy, herbal aroma — almost reminiscent of tea — that Haze fans will find familiar. This spicy character is intensified when the bud is ground up or broken open. When combusted, Blueberry Haze burns with a smooth palatable smoke. On the exhale, the smoke tastes fruity and somewhat sweet. Enjoy this unique bud in a clean pipe or a joint to fully savor its taste.

Blueberry Haze hits the smoker quickly. The most obvious effect is an increase in cerebral stimulation, with thought flowing from one to the next in rapid, free association. This kind of recursive thinking can lead to paranoia for some. In the right set and setting though, Blueberry Haze’s jolt to the head can be buzzy and motivational.

It can provide the energy needed to engage in anything from cleaning the house to getting some exercise.  As the high wears on, a gradual body high sets in and may deepen if dosage is increased. In large enough amounts, Blueberry Haze can even lull users into a deep and restful sleep.

Medical cannabis patients may also find value in Blueberry Haze’s versatile effects. It can help those suffering from mild to moderate stress or depression to spend their time more presently and mindfully.

As noted, this strain can work against insomnia by bringing on heavy and lasting sleep. Because its early sativa effects are often intense. Blueberry Haze is not recommended for patients who are prone to. Panic or anxiety or who have a low tolerance for THC.

Fortunately, As with many predominantly sativa strains, this bud can also grow very tall;

A bold but soothing strain, Blueberry Haze is a must-try for indica and sativa lovers alike. It’s further proof that two powerhouse strains can be bred to yield something equally appealing

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