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One of the best coffees in the world is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee

American coffee drinkers love to drink about 400 million cups a day. The most popular international coffee producers include Brazil, Mexico, and Indonesia. But nothing quite matches a cup of Ethiopian coffee. A popular type of coffee in the world is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee, which has a light, fresh flavour and delicious aroma. It is a great beverage choice for anyone. Ethiopia is credited with originating coffee in 850 AD when a goat herder named Kaldi noticed a noticeable increase in energy and liveliness in his flock when he munched on coffee beans.

The world’s obsession with coffee began when Kaldi gave the beans a try, saw the effects, and the beans quickly took hold. Its thick vegetation, healthy soil, and high elevation make it the ideal location to grow beans in southern Ethiopia. The wet and dry seasons are moderate in Ethiopia, which has a warm and tropical climate. Despite the climate’s ideal conditions, Yirgacheffe plants are harvested without agricultural chemicals between October and December.

Ethiopia’s biggest export is coffee. Ethiopia started trading coffee on its commodities market in 2008. It grows the most coffee in Africa and is the fifth largest coffee-producing nation in the world today. Ethiopia produces 846,575,000 pounds of coffee annually. Coffee production employs 15 million Ethiopians. Wet processing was invented in Ethiopia in the 1970s. The first mill for wet processing was located in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.

Wet processing involves thoroughly washing the coffee beans instead of picking and drying them immediately. After picking, the beans are placed in giant water vats, where they soak for 48 to 72 hours. This allows the beans to dry evenly. Yirgacheffe beans that have been wet processed are lighter in weight and have citrus and floral notes, removing the fermented flavouring.

It creates a more consistent flavour. For Yirgacheffe coffee beans, medium roasts are most commonly used. Incorrect roasting causes the beans to lose their distinct flavour. Yirgacheffe beans are small and require delicate roasting. They are tricky to roast and require patience. It gives them a sweet aroma and bright acidity. You can experience the full flavour of Yirgacheffe beans by roasting and grinding them fresh. Yirgacheffe coffee can be brewed hot or cold brewed.


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