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Play with string instruments and enjoy the world of music

Nowadays, string instruments are widespread and popular. Banjos are stringed instruments with a thin membrane over the frame. The membrane is usually circular, made up of plastic and occasionally with animal skin. Banjo instrument is the leading American style of music and is also frequently used in Dixieland jazz and Caribbean genres. Nowadays, banjos for sale are available in the market.

Types of banjos: 


  1. Resonator ( bluegrass) banjos: resonator banjos are traditional with five strings. The 5th string will be on the left of the fifth fret and has the same thickness as the first string. These bluegrass banjos are commonly used in bluegrass music. These are heavy(8-12 lbs), but you can also find lighter banjos. The speciality of resonator banjos is that it will produce a thunderous sound. These resonator banjos tuning is G4, D3, G3, B3 and D4.
  2. Open-back ( clawhammer) banjos: These will have five strings, but these open-back strings will have an open-back body. Clawhammer banjos are lighter and more portable. The tuning of open-back banjos is the same as resonators that include G4, D3, G3, B3 and D4.
  3. Tenor banjos: tenor banjos have four strings and shorter scales. The tenor banjos tuning goes as C3, G3, D4 and A4. These tenor banjos are more prevalent in Irish folk music.
  4. Plectrum banjos: the pitch of a plectrum banjos is lower than the tenor banjos, which is more suitable for people who play chords instead of fingerpicking playstyle. Plectrum banjos have four strings, and tuning goes as C3, G3, B3 and D4.
  5. Six-string banjos:  these feature an unconventional design similar to a guitar. Most guitar players who don’t want to learn five or four-string banjos use these banjos. Six-string banjos are tuned as E2, A2, D3, G3, B3 and E4. you can play it as a regular guitar and get a classic banjo sound.
  6. Electric banjos: Primarily, people use this electric banjo in modern music since these banjos are available in four-string up to six-string designs.

These banjos are an amalgamation of other instruments, producing unique sound features of worlds.

Overall, many instruments are played in this modern world, and banjos are one of the string instruments. Many people love to play and enjoy its music. The banjos, especially resonator banjos, will produce unique sounds with heavy volume. You can visit the website and gain more information about Banjos for sale.


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