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Wedding Gowns For Rent: Make Your Big Day More Special

By Posted on 2 m read

Weddings are one of the most memorable and special occasions that a couple would celebrate. The special occasion is not just to be celebrated, but twice or even thrice because of the renewal of vows. Although this is not applicable to all countries, renewals of vows still on the big day should be organized well. The first thing that comes to all women’s minds when they hear about weddings is the wedding gown.

A wedding can become more special when the bride walks down the aisle wearing the most graceful wedding gown. Yet, wedding gowns can be expensive when you plan to have a personalized design of a wedding gown. If you are on a budget, yet want to have a successful wedding, choose from the list of affordable gown rental singapore services.

Why choose to rent a gown?

There are a lot of reasons why you should be getting a gown rental, instead of buying a new one. Since personalized wedding gowns are expensive, most budgeters should choose to rent them rather than purchase a new one.


Here are the reasons why you should consider renting gowns:

  • Save more money. One of the best benefits of renting a wedding gown is the money you save on the wedding dress. The extra money is spent on other things, including:
    • Honeymoon
    • Various bridal accessories
    • Venue rental fees
  • No need to think of another storage room. One of the cons of owning a wedding dress is the hassle of experience when the ceremony is done. Storing the wedding dress can take more space and maintaining the gown means extra expenses. With the wedding gown rental, you can prevent all of this. You can return the wedding gown the day after the wedding, returning it to the bridal shop. Plus, you would not have to deal with dry cleaning.
  • More convenient. Wedding gowns for rent are more convenient. Renting gowns is available on just a short notice, unlike the customized gowns that take a few months to make before fitting.
  • More sustainable. When making wedding dresses, there are lots of lace, fabric materials, and some other kinds of decorations that go into the process. The wedding dress can only be worn once and for just a few hours during the ceremony.

Couples are encouraged to rent wedding gowns, eco-friendly and budget-friendly ones are good. You can find something that looks very the same as the dream wedding dress you have been wishing to wear on your big day.


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